Il Calice d'Oro

"Come and taste life,
tantalize your senses, open your soul to joy".

The restaurant

Open year-round for lunch and dinner, Calice d'Oro presents a gourmet à la carte menu that evolves with the seasons, complemented by a diverse wine list featuring both local and international selections. Yet, our focus extends beyond exquisite food and wine. We aspire for each moment spent with us to transform into a delightful experience. We hope our guests can converse leisurely, relish a beautiful sunset, and unwind their senses after a stimulating day, whether it be a workday or a holiday.

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We are a gourmet restaurant specialising in meat, with a creative approach that also incorporates the best offerings from the sea. Our goal is to provide a culinary and sensorial experience, exploring unique combinations that blend flavours and raw materials sourced from across Italy.


Wine holds a place of honor in our restaurant because we believe that excellent food should always be complemented by the most fitting wine. In addition to a selection of well-known Italian wines, we proudly offer a diverse range of wines from our region, Sardinia. Our goal is to introduce the various productions of Sardinian wines, encompassing whites, reds, rosés, and even sparkling varieties.


My name is Paolo Fresi. I've been referred to as a restaurateur with a soul, and I wholeheartedly embrace this characterization. I strongly believe in the significance of initiating projects and activities that contribute not only to financial prosperity but also to the well-being of individuals, fostering the creation of a better future and promoting overall growth for all.

Chef & staff

Prepared, friendly, and motivated describe the young individuals on our team. They are always eager to offer their best, ensuring every guest feels welcomed as if they were at home. Take a discreet peek behind the scenes of the restaurant to get to know them a little better .


Discover our calendar of upcoming events and relive the excitement of past ones that have animated our venue in recent months. You'll also gain insights into the types of events you can organize with us.

La Gallura

Situated in the northern region of Sardinia, we find ourselves in one of the most renowned and cherished areas of this beautiful island. The coastline boasts famed beaches, granite rocks with evocative shapes, crystal-clear waters, and underwater landscapes cherished by diving enthusiasts. While the Costa Smeralda, the La Maddalena archipelago, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, San Teodoro, and Castelsardo are among the well-known destinations, Gallura holds numerous surprises, both along the coast and inland, attracting different types of tourists. Join us in discovering the wonders of this magnificent land!