The birth of a dream that became reality.

The story of  "Il Calice d'Oro".

My name is Paolo Fresi. I've been referred to as a restaurateur with a soul, and I wholeheartedly embrace this characterization. I strongly believe in the significance of initiating projects and activities that contribute not only to financial prosperity but also to the well-being of individuals, fostering the creation of a better future and promoting overall growth for all.

In line with family tradition, my career has predominantly been in commerce, although I've gained experience in various sectors over the years.

The idea of opening a restaurant like Calice d'Oro took root more than 30 years ago. The inspiration struck during a chance visit to a restaurant on the Costa Smeralda, an experience that transcended mere 'good food' or a 'nice place.' It was the relaxed and cozy atmosphere, the joy of sharing a meal in harmony, and dedicating quality time to those around me that left an indelible impression. This sensorial memory remained a lifelong dream until 2021, when I sensed the time was right to turn it into reality. I deeply love my homeland, Sardinia, and Costa Paradiso—a small corner of pure magic in the north of Gallura that lives up to its name.

For the past few years, it has become not only my workplace but also my home, triggering a transformation within me. I wanted my dream to manifest right here, offering as many people as possible the same enchanting experience I had years ago. Il Calice d'Oro has become my second home, and I envision the supportive staff to see it the same way—embracing my philosophy of authentic, kind, and tranquil hospitality.