Our wine list, a sensorial journey from artisans to great producers.

Wine holds a place of honor in our restaurant because we believe that excellent food should always be complemented by the most fitting wine. In addition to a selection of well-known Italian wines, we proudly offer a diverse range of wines from our region, Sardinia. Our goal is to introduce the various productions of Sardinian wines, encompassing whites, reds, rosés, and even sparkling varieties. In addition to Vermentino and Cannonau, we feature indigenous grape varieties like Caricagiola or Cagnulari, flourishing in the sandy soils near our coasts. They absorb the savory nuances from the sea, blending with the aromatic essence of the Mediterranean scrub.


Our wine selection includes both renowned producers and artisanal winemakers devoted to reviving nearly extinct grape varieties and employing traditional winemaking techniques. To conclude the meal and the list, we offer a range of sweet wines, grappas, and local liqueurs, including Moscato di Tempio, the passito Li Zinti, Filu Ferru, grappas crafted from Sardinian vines, and the timeless myrtle.