Chef & staff

They are young and eager to grow and learn, characterized by professionalism and kindness. We witness these qualities daily as we follow their endeavors, and your reviews consistently acknowledge their contribution to providing you with a great experience.

The chef

Allow us to introduce the team, starting with Chef Daniele Amarilli, followed by the welcoming smiles of the staff in the dining room and the young kitchen assistants. 

Born in Piedmont, in the province of Novara, Daniele Amarilli brings precise taste and olfactory memories from his homeland, often incorporating ingredients from his upbringing with those he has encountered in various Italian regions, especially Sardinia. 

His curiosity and commitment to continuous improvement drive him to study and experiment, seeking proposals that are never predictable. 

He avoids overdoing mannerisms that might distort the original flavors of the raw materials. Daniele enjoys blending textures and flavors, always adding something unexpected, often derived from aromatic herbs and edible flowers cultivated personally in the green area behind the restaurant.