Tenute Pische

Tenute Pische

So many genuine and heartfelt smiles captured in these photos!
A smile is the most authentic indicator of a successful event, and these photos affirm the positive experience we had last night. It marked the final date of the season in our journey to explore the local artisanal winemakers, and yesterday, we had the pleasure of savoring four wines from @tenute_pische.

Originally, three wines were intended to complement the three dishes shown in the photos. However, Paolo Pische pleasantly surprised us by introducing a new addition to the estate: Chimentu, a captivating sparkling Vermentino d.o.c.g. We are glad about the substantial and enjoyable participation, and once again, these events have proven to be an opportunity to unite other Gallura winegrowers as well.


In the words of Paolo Pische, the owner of the eponymous estate, we discover the characteristics of the heroic cultivation typical of this Gallura region. The salinity carried by the mistral serves as a crucial element for the vines' health, yet simultaneously, it distinguishes the aromas of the Vermentino and Cannonau wines produced here. These wines, introduced directly by Paolo Pische, will be a part of the tasting dinner on January 13th.

Images of the evenings