Tenute Corona Ruia

Tenute Corona Ruia

We are pleased to introduce you to the wines of @tenutecoronaruia, a winery of excellence in the area, which has made very precise choices regarding the cultivation of grapes, their harvest and processing.  These vines, some as old as 60 years, are cultivated using traditional methods and rely solely on rainwater for irrigation, allowing nature to give its best even if it means sacrificing productivity. Harvesting is carried out entirely by hand, and the wines are made exclusively from grapes grown on the winery's own vineyards. This dedication to quality and the unhurried pace is evident in the outstanding wines that will be introduced to you by Ivan Deriu, the sommelier and brand ambassador of the winery. 

To accompany these wines, a menu designed in collaboration between our chef and the experts of Corona Ruia, ensuring that each dish highlights the unique characteristics of the wines."


Let's get to know @tenutecoronaruia more closely. To do so, we met Marco Chessa, the area manager of Cantine Mereu, and Ivan Deriu, the sommelier and brand ambassador of this remarkable reality of our territory.  They operate in an area cherished and respected for its natural cultivation techniques and their unique Lenta Vendemmia©, which enhances the characteristics of indigenous grape varieties such as Vermentino di Sardegna, Cannonau, Cagnulari, Carignano, Monica di Sorso, as well as Moscato and Malvasia.


Let's toast to conviviality, the genuine and sincere conviviality that good food and good wine can create, uplifting spirits and inviting smiles. Last night, amid toasts, laughter, and joviality, we shared many memorable moments! We would like to thank all the participants and especially Emanuele Pusceddu, Marco Chessa and Ivan Deriu of @tenutecoronaruia who accompanied us on this evening of wine tasting to discover their wines. Collaborating with artisanal winemakers allows us to appreciate the human aspect, the passion and the sincere desire of people to create quality experiences, just as we do with food.