The menu

Experience a culinary journey where meat takes center stage, yet leaves space for fish to enhance what we envision as a gastronomic and sensory adventure exploring unique combinations that blend flavors and raw materials from across Italy. The menu gracefully transitions between land and sea, often intertwining and complementing each other to present unexpected combinations. Our menu undergoes seasonal changes three times a year, following nature's availability. Using ingredients at their peak ensures heightened flavours, guarantees quality, and supports locally-sourced products. Aromatic herbs and edible flowers cultivated on-site contribute taste and vibrant hues, making our dishes both enticing and a delightful discovery.

Our meat

Our specialty lies in meat, and we showcase it not only as the foundation of various dishes but also individually, featuring different cuts and cooking methods. Our offerings include the iconic Fiorentina steak, rib eye steak, selected Irish beef fillet steak, and local meats like Sardinian free-range cockerel and IGP lamb chops. We occasionally introduce special cuts based on what is available from our supplier.

From the outset, we have been committed to overseeing the meat maturation process directly. To achieve this, we utilize a specialized dry-aging refrigerator, maintaining optimal conditions of temperature, humidity, and hygiene to preserve the meat's properties and organoleptic qualities. This meticulous treatment can sometimes extend to keeping the meat refrigerated for up to a month and a half. Through this process, the meat retains its juiciness during cooking, offering a more tender texture and capturing unique flavors, such as the essence of acorns from animals that have grazed outdoors. Ensuring transparency in the sourcing and upbringing of the meat is of paramount importance to us. This attention guarantees a final product of the utmost quality.

New flavours

Our aspiration is to introduce our guests to novel tastes and unconventional combinations that spark intrigue and lead to new culinary experiences. We present a subtly creative gastronomic offering—ever-fresh and continually updated—eschewing excesses that could overshadow the distinct flavors of individual ingredients. Daniele Amarilli, our young and talented chef, delights in experimentation, and we follow his creative instincts, which propel him to craft proposals infused with that special touch—an extra ingredient that transforms each dish into a delightful discovery.

Raw ingredients

While the quality of raw materials should be a given in any restaurant, we acknowledge that this is not always the case. For us, it is an indispensable condition. To deliver the finest taste possible, we opted from the outset not to compromise. Collaborating closely with our chef, we personally curate our suppliers, delving into the minutiae of the origin of each ingredient and how they are cultivated, fished, or farmed. Specifically, seasonal vegetables hail from regional producers, and the fish is sourced exclusively from our local seas, ensuring we provide the utmost freshness every day.


Eating engages all six senses—a fact we're eager to demonstrate. Firstly, sight: We meticulously craft the presentation of our dishes, considering the interplay of colors and the shapes that enhance each culinary creation.

Taste and smell

These senses are intertwined, and we add nothing because savoring a dish solely through its aroma introduces a realm of sensations. Touch: While often kept in check by social etiquette, the sense of touch, especially when it comes to exceptions like bread, fruit, shellfish, and crustaceans, can evoke a childlike sense of discovery.

Hearing and imagination

The crunch of carasau bread, the sizzle of meat on the griddle, the tines of a fork twirling pasta—these sounds trigger gustatory memories. the sphere of chocolate cracking under the insistence of the teaspoon. Yet, before delving further, we introduce the sixth sense: imagination

Each dish transports us to a realm of memories and sensations—those the chef aims to impart through his creations.

There are flavors that linger, evoking responses beyond the physical senses.