Artisans of wine

the artisans cellars of our territory

Back in October, as we imagined the 'Artisans of Wine' review, we had a dream: to enhance our visibility, even within the local community, and to introduce small- scale producers intimately connected to us geographically and, more importantly, aligned with a philosophy of deep regard for the land and its people. These are entities that, through their wines, celebrate the distinctive qualities of Gallura. However, our ambitions extended beyond that. We also aspired to unite and engage in dialogue with entrepreneurs who, much like us, infuse passion into their endeavors. Together, we believe we can amplify the strength and perspective of this cherished corner of paradise that holds a special place in our hearts.

Therefore, it is with immense gratitude that I can affirm the realization of these goals, and this fills me with joy and confidence for the future. I would like to express my thanks, in chronological order, to Francesco Lepori of the eponymous winery, Silvia Muroni and Gianni Addis of Tenuta Buniccu, Luca Pirina of Tenute Vignola, and Paolo Pische of Tenute Pische for sharing in the belief in this project and for their presence at the various events.

Special gratitude extends to all those who joined us in savoring these delightful moments of discovering wines and unexpected pairings. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and welcome you to what I consider my home.

A heartfelt thank you also goes to all my dedicated staff who have been steadfast companions on this adventure, as always.

This is the season to decelerate, to catch a breath and prepare for the upcoming one. I will seize this opportunity to think how to carry forward this journey.

Cheers, Paolo Fresi

Azienda agricola Lepori

The inaugural night dedicated to Sardinian artisan winemakers will showcase the Lepori Winery. Renowned in a short span, Francesco Lepori, a young agronomist, has made a mark on the Italian wine scene.

His vermentino "Colli di Limbara 'Zilvara'" earned acclaim as a 'wine to discover' at Golosaria 2021, winning the title of Sardinia's best and securing a place among the revered wines in the Vino da bere 2024 guide. Grown in sandy soil of Aeolian origin, right by the sea, this wine captures the essence of the Mediterranean maquis, reflecting the vibrant hues of the island's sun and light.

Apart from vermentino, Lepori has committed to reviving an almost extinct native grape variety: caricagiola, translating to 'load a lot' or 'bear many bunches'. This vine, still growing wild, thrives amidst the sea dunes, just 200 meters from the shoreline, and is exposed to the mistral winds. These conditions contribute to the distinctive savory notes found in the red wine that shares its name.

To complement these two wines, we've crafted a menu brimming with surprises and subtle flavours.

Tenuta Buniccu

Welcome to the second gathering where we acquaint ourselves with the wine producers from our region. Silvia Muroni and her son Matteo Addis from Tenuta Buniccu share insights into their wines and the history behind them. These wines will take centre stage at the dinner scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd, here at Il Calice d’Oro.

We've reached our second gathering to acquaint ourselves with the local wine producers. The spotlight will be on these wines during the dinner scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd, here at @calicedoro. With sandy soils of granite origin, embraced by Mediterranean maquis influenced by the nearby sea and characteristic winds of the Gallura region, these elements weave into the aromatic profile of the wines. Join us on December 2nd for a dedicated evening where you can savour the unique flavours of these wines.

Tenute Vignola


The third appointment of the 'wine artisans' event marked another occasion for gatherings, smiles, and conversations in a pre-Christmas ambiance, filled with its own enchantment.

Tenute Pische

It marked the final date of the season in our journey to explore the local artisanal winemakers, and yesterday, we had the pleasure of savoring four wines from @tenute_pische.

Tenute Corona Ruia

We are pleased to introduce you to the wines of @tenutecoronaruia, a winery of excellence in the area, which has made very precise choices regarding the cultivation of grapes, their harvest and processing.